Candidates and Affordable Housing: How hopefuls plan to keep doors open and affordable

Forum Open Thread: Chapel Hill Town Council

Nine candidates, four seats. Welcome to the open thread for tonight's live Chapel Hill Town Council candidate forum.

We hope you'll use this space to post your thoughts and reactions. You can reach the editors during the forum via Twitter, Facebook, or the contact page.


An Open Letter to Kevin Wolff, Candidate for Mayor of Chapel Hill

After reading an email about Kevin Wolff's "Warning to Chapel Hill Residents", I was inspired by the response from the men of the IFC shelter to write an open letter to Mr. Wolff regarding his allegations about the danger of moving the men's shelter near Homestead Park.

Mr. Wolff:

Community House Resident Responds to Wolff Flyer

Earlier this week, perennial Chapel Hill mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff disseminated a campaign flyer in the Homestead Park neighborhood telling parents that they should be very concerned about the men's transitional facility locating on Homestead Road, suggesting that when the shelter is located there "a child will be assaulted, molested, kidnapped, and/or killed in that park. It's not a matter of if this will happen... it is a matter of when." The full flyer can be read here.

School board forum at Chinese School of Chapel Hill

There will be total 4 candidates attending (J. Barrett, M.
Barroughs, K. Castellano and M. Kelly). Each will be allowed to speak
for up to 8 minutes. Q&A will follow. Some social time will be allowed
at end. Forum will end by 6:00 PM. Principal of Chinese School of
Chapel Hill, Ms. Gu, will be the moderator.


Saturday, October 22, 2011 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm


room 624 of McDougle Middle School (900 Old Fayetteville Road)



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