Rogers Road is not out of the woods

Yesterday's Chapel Hill News discussed the possibility of constructing a new elementary school in the Rogers Road neighborhood as if it would bring an instant end to the problems this neighborhood has had for decades of living next to the landfill. While the schools' ability to pay for the extension of sewer to this area would be a tremendous benefit, it's not like sewer acess is the only challenge facing the Rogers Road area.

East West Partners discuss LEED-ND

Via an email...

Please join the Triangle Chapter EGB and East West Partners as we talk about the East 54 community development project in Chapel Hill. East 54 is currently under construction as one of the only LEED-ND pilot participants in North Carolina. East West Partners will be discussing the LEED-ND rating system, which credits they are incorporating into East 54, as well as any challenges they have faced while designing the project.

For more information on East West Partners, please visit their Website at:
And for more information about East 54 (and a construction webcam!) Visit:


Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm


East 54 - 1201-J Raleigh Rd., Chapel Hill

The other side of the Eve tragedy

I wish there was more talk about the messed up fact that our town includes kids who think they have nothing to lose, so they may as well risk life in prison in exchange for... what? A car, a few bucks, gang membership??

I don't know much about sociology or the demographics of CH, but I'd love to hear from someone who does.

I do know that when I used to live in the Northside neighborhood, >50% of the people I saw walking down Broad St were visibly high/drunk. At a community watch meeting, the cop said that people would walk down our street to buy drugs in the park. Some people I know who lived by that park found syringes in their yard. The Carrboro cops do a great job in that neighborhood, yet it continues.

My inclination is to blame poverty. But these are people in the OC with OC schools! Maybe they didn't grow up here?

Could someone please tell me why these local kids don't get jobs and quit hanging out on Rosemary self-medicating and concocting brilliant plans involving hiding your hair while at the ATM??? Seriously. I'm not trying to be rude. I just want to know what the hell is going on.

Revisting Assumptions

I applaud the Mayor and Council for meeting to examine the assumptions that they have held about growth and planning development in Chapel Hill as described in the 2/28 Herald Sun Article below:

         Council revisits assumptions on high density projects

Rumblings at Eastgate?

The CH Herald reports that Somerhill Gallery's lease has been terminated: Owner Joe Rowand received a notice that his lease was being terminated by center owner Federal Realty two weeks ago. "There was no rationale given," Rowand said Tuesday of the notice, which gave him 45 days to vacate the location. "It was a three-paragraph notice of termination. If you dig deeper, there are other merchants here that have been told they are not being renewed."

Is the implication that Federal Realty, having upgraded the mall area, now wants to churn the tenant population to charge higher rent? Anyone know any thing about this? Aside from my own admiration of Somerhill and my feeling that it's an asset to both mall and town, I have to wonder about efforts to change the nature of Eastgate in a volatile and perhaps failing economy. Has Federal Realty not noticed the unoccupied spaces on Franklin St. and University Mall?



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