Rogers-Eubanks Coalition Springtime Party and Open House

I'm a little frustrated because I just learned about this event yesterday, and I think the word needs to get spread farther for this to be effective. But anyway, here's the deal:

The Historic Rogers Road/Eubanks Community
Invites you to meet the folks
behind the headlines

If you’ve been following the news stories about the Orange County Landfill and the siting of the new Waste Transfer Station for the past year, you’ve heard a lot about the folks that live in the historic Rogers Road/Eubanks Community.

Now, come and meet the folks behind the headlines in this historic and vibrant community. Come spend a Saturday afternoon and hear their stories, meet their kids and absorb first-hand, the 150 years of history in this community. Come share home-cooked food, listen to live gospel and steel-drum reggae music and join hands with others to end environmental racism. Click here for the event flier.

I already have two committments tomorrow afternoon but will try to stop by around 4:30 if at all possible. 


Saturday, May 17, 2008 - 10:00am to 1:00pm


Faith Tabernacle Oasis of Love International Church, Rogers Road

the blurry line between Orange and Alamance

Who would have thought that in 2008 there would be any question about where the county lines between Alamance and Orange are? Turns out the exact line is in dispute to the tune of several hundred acres.

Residential blue light call boxes

This just hit my email inbox:

I am writing you because of your leadership and involvement in Carolina Open Source Initiative over the past year. On Monday, March 5th at 7:00 p.m. the Chapel Hill Town Council will take a critical vote on the installation of pedestrian-level lighting and blue light call boxes in Chapel Hill residential areas. This vote will allow the installation of these initiatives to begin immediately as proposed by the student body. These safety initiatives will increase safety around our campus in the residential areas that we live. The residents of Rosemary, Mallette, Church, Short, Ransom, and McCauley Streets will be the most effected by this resolution; therefore student support is vital. I understand that during exams times most are not able to come out to the meeting at the town hall, yet it is critical that the council hear your support of this issue.


On my way home from work on Damascus Church rd, a rather large black lab-looking dog was chasing two little girls. The girls said that he wasn't their dog, and another lady said he came from the woods around the church.

I put him (I assume it is a him) in my car and took him over to the animal shelter. He had no microchip, no tags, but he did have a collar. He was a bit smelly, so I do not know if he has been lost for a while.

He was extremely sweet, friendly, and obedient. I hated to turn him into the shelter, but it was 6pm on Tuesday, and I couldn't take him home with me.

The shelter is closed on Wednesdays, but you can call Falconbridge Animal Hospital (on 54-919-403-5591)and ask them to contact Dr. Sheppard who works at the Orange County Animal Shelter on MLK BLVD.

If someone can take him to foster him or adopt him, PLEASE contact the shelter and ask for Tom or Melanie. He will probably be put down in about a month if he is not claimed or adopted.

Again, he is rather large, very friendly, looked like a black lab with a bit of white scruff under his chin.

Save Glen Lennox

Glen Lennox

It seems that Grubb Properties wants to tear down Glen Lennox, a neighborhood of moderately-priced rentals, and rebuild more densely with a mix of uses including presumably higher-priced housing. The neighbors are applying for a Neighborhood Conservation District, which is, um, interesting. This isn't really what NCDs were designed to do - which is to protect the character and quality of neighborhoods as they change - but no-one seems to be using them for the intended purpose anyway. (Grumble.)



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