2009 Kodak American Greenways Program Grants


The Program operated by The Conservation Fund invites land trusts, local governments, and other organizations to submit proposals for small greenway project grants. Funded projects typically advance one or more of the following Program goals: 

Downtown Carrboro Ped/Bike Connections

For years now I've used the informal trails linking my neighborhood around Lloyd Street/Broad Street near downtown Carrboro, Northside, Bolin Creek, and the rest of Carrboro to navigate as a pedestrian and a biker. Every time I cross the ditch on an old railroad tie and then straddle the railroad tracks to get to Harris Teeter or the Pleasant Street neighborhood, I marvel at the fact that the geographic center of Carrboro/Chapel Hill is still so isolated from the surrounding neighborhoods. At night as I see folks wandering through the informal dirt paths that connect Pleasant Street to Lloyd Street, I worry about the safety of the dark trail and wish that there was a way to put some resources into making these vital links for those of us who can't or choose not to drive much more user friendly and safe.

National Trails Day Hike

Members of the Town of Chapel Hill's Greenways Commission will celebrate National Trails Day on Saturday, June 7, by leading a short, two-mile hike at noon along the Lower Booker Creek Greenway across the street from the Eastgate Shopping Center.

Those interested in participating should meet at Great Outdoor Provision Company in Eastgate. Commission members will provide information and maps to the public on community trails and greenways at a table from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. inside the store.

The Town Council is working to complete more than 28 miles of trails that will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to quickly and safely access almost every part of our town. Among the trail projects being planned are the Morgan Creek, Bolin Creek, and Dry Creek Trails.


Saturday, June 7, 2008 - 8:00am to 10:00am


Great Outdoor Provision Company in Eastgate Shopping Center

Bolin Creek Greenway expansion

You may remember last fall when I moved about 1/2 a mile north from my old home downtown and suddenly found myself feeling like I was miles away from town. For the thousand or so people like me who live near Umstead Drive, Village Drive, and Estes Drive Extension, the only way to walk downtown involves a 2-mile hike up MLK Boulevard or a cut through the woods around Estes Park Apartments to Pleasant Drive in Carrboro.

Well, the Town of Chapel Hill was two steps ahead of me and was already planning an extension of the Bolin Creek Greenway that would connect Umstead Park and our neighborhood to Northside (which is just across the creek), the future Carolina North campus, and MLK Blvd. Importantly, this extension will also connect my old neighbors in Northside to University Mall (the Greenway's eastern terminus).

Alternatives to Estes

After the recent bunch of articles (Herald, N & O) about how crappy Estes Drive Extension is and how unlikely it is to get better any time soon, I'd like to make a modest proposal.

There are two other possible ways to get from the railroad crossing on Estes to downtown Carrboro. Both alternatives offer a way for cyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchairs to avoid the Straits of Estes. Right now these routes are informal, only used by those of us willing to cross other people's property and bring a flashlight at night.



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