Turn North Carolina Blue for Barack Obama!

Bring your checkbook and your desire for change to our "Turn North Carolina Blue for Barack Obama" party!

For the first time in decades, North Carolina can be the state that puts a Democrat in the White House. Senator Obama's message of change has resonated with Tar Heel voters, but his campaign needs all the help it can get as it fights against a Republican smear campaign of truly epic proportions. A representative from the Obama-Biden campaign will be on hand to share with us Senator Obama's vision for America and to tell us how we can get involved with the campaign.

Suggested contribution amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200 -- and/or a firm commitment to volunteer with the Obama-Biden campaign between now and Election Day!

BABYSITTING WILL BE PROVIDED! So bring the kids and learn how you can help turn North Carolina blue for Barack Obama on November 4th!

Please RSVP directly to me no later than Monday, October 13th, so we can get some sense of numbers. Also, PLEASE NOTE: If you're bringing your children, please let us know in your RSVP the number and ages of the children. Thanks!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm


3810 Bluestone Court, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

BUB is up (not to mention gas prices)

Nearly two years after BUB's inception, Blue Urban Bikes and the ReCYCLEry have received recognition at RTP Headquarter's 2008 luncheon and award ceremony celebrating the achievements of the year's transportation demand management (TDM) programs, including the Durham County Trip Reduction Ordinance and TDM Programs in RTP, Durham, Orange and Wake Counties.

There are 8 BUB Hubs now, from Eastgate to the MLK YMCA and into Carrboro. Discussions are ongoing with Wellspring, 3 campus locations, and hopefully in Meadowmont. Rumor has it that a possible partnership with gotriangle could target bus stops. Thanks to the determination, effort and foresight of just a couple people at the outset, SURGE, and the community at large, the program survives and is looking better than ever.

Bicycle Activism Online

Chris Richmond, Executive Director of the ReCYCLEry, and I have launched ReCYCLEry.info to publicize the ReCYCLEry and its partners' community programs such as the newly launched Blue Urban Bike program and Carrboro Greenspace.We have tentatively decided to keep the contributors limited, and leave the conversation to more comprehensive forums such as OrangePolitics. Theoretically, we may limit return traffic to the site, but this will leave us more time for real world activism, and keep the site a resource for pure information, media and community links.So we pose these questions: Should we attempt to encourage more online activism by creating a new forum? or Do we still manage to fully engage our objectives by leaving debate and editorial content elsewhere?

Volunteer sprints

Announcing OrangePolitics Volunteer Sprints!* We are looking for volunteers to help us build a better Election Guide. If you are interested in researching candidates and issues or building online tools to share election information, please consider helping out.

Some of the things we might work on include:

  • Compiling information about each candidate possibly including: endorsements, campaign spending, candidate photos, and whatever else we think of
  • Comparative charts and other analysis
  • Dynamic maps (like this for example)
  • Post-election analysis of donations, and results by precinct

If these sound interesting, or if you have a better idea, please sign up for the OP Volunteer list.

Help wanted

I'm interested in having one or two interns help out on OrangePolitics during the elections this year. This would be a great opportunity for a young person to learn about grassroots politics, local government, and the trendy new world of political blogging! We can't offer money, but may be able to arrange academic credit.

Here's the job description:

Local Government Watcher, Civic Engagement Specialist, and/or Local Politics Blogger

OrangePolitics is an online community which exists to encourage residents of Orange County, NC to get involved in local government and civic activities by offering progressive perspectives on local and regional issues.


Must be registered to vote, preferably in Orange County!
Must be interested in politics or advocacy.
Must be articulate and able to write clearly.
Must be comfortable with online research and eager to learn about about new issues.
Blogging experience is a plus, but not required.

Position description



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