Preserve Rural Orange

Preserve Rural Orange continues to raise questions about UNC's animal research facility

Preserve Rural Orange meeting on solid waste transfer station

From the OrangeChat blog:

UPDATE: Preserve Rural Orange HAS POSTPONED tonight's meeting on plans for a solid waste transfer station due to the weather.

The meeting is NOW scheduled for 7 p.m. SUNDAY MARCH 15 at the White Cross Recreation Center, 1800 White Cross Road west of Carrboro. 

Speakers include Orange County Solid Waste Director Gayle Wilson. At citizens' urging, the county is now looking at alternatives to a transfer station such as hiring a contractor to haul trash to another area outside the county and possibly exploring waste to energy technology, although offiicals have previously said the county did not generate enough trash to make that feasible.



Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 3:00pm


White Cross Recreation Center, 1800 White Cross Road

My notes from the Airport meeting at White Cross

I attended the meeting at the White Cross community center, in Southern Orange County. There was a good turnout of people. The community center is a building housing gymnasium / basketball court and space surrounding it for spectators.  The room was full of attendees.  

The group that arranged the meeting is called “Preserve Rural Orange”; they are just getting organized to oppose the airport.  They were handing out ‘No Airport” signs and bumper stickers at the meeting and asking for donations to offset the cost of printing.

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